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"An ingenious method to turn everyday readers into moral thinkers: have them walk a mile in someone else's shoes – shoes that might be stolen, or made in a sweat shop, or used to give someone a swift kick – and then what is the reader to do?"

—Randy Cohen, for twelve years the writer of "The Ethicist" in the New York Times magazine

"An edgy, creative, and fun approach to health care ethics."

—Arthur Caplan, PhD, Sidney D. Caplan Professor of Bioethics and Emanuel & Robert Hart Director, Center for Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania

"An exciting adventure novel that successfully takes the reader into the heart of ethical deliberations in the daily lives of health care practitioners and patients."

—E. Ann Jeschke M.T.S, Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics Forum

"I liked how engaging the story was—I think people can really see themselves in this story, especially if they are early in their career. And realistically, the ethical dilemmas don't jump out at you, but instead gradually evolve."

—The American Journal of Bioethics

"Brilliant! The Brewsters is so much fun to read, you forget you're learning. A truly immersive and memorable experience that will stick with readers long into their careers."

—Kirsten Ostherr, PhD, Associate Professor of English, Rice University

"This story tricks you into learning, which is a breath of fresh air to the traditional read-an-article-or-book-and-report-out teaching methods."

—Student, school of public health

"It's like Hippocrates meets us magazine: engaging, effective, interesting, and trashily indulgent. It's even cathartic to make the wrong choices, like getting them out of your system. An ethics simulator."

—Student, medical school

"The storyline was written very cleverly and as I delved quickly into the story, I saw myself get into character and asking myself, 'What would I do in this situation?' "

—Student, graduate school of biomedical science

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