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Mystery, Romance & Fantasy

Teen & Young Adult


"Nanoswarm puts science inside a captivating story, providing an effective way to teach both science and reading."

—Leslie Miller, PhD, Senior Research Scholar, Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning Rice University

"As a biologist and educator, I became engrossed in the story. I started thinking closely about my own eating habits and what I could be doing to better balance my energy levels during the day."

—Lynnsey Dohmen, EcoStation & PowerPlay Educator Children's Museum of Houston

"Nanoswarm transports the reader from the magical world created by a videogame to a story that illuminates our inner workings. It is a compelling journey, indeed."

—Clifford Dacso MD, MBA, MPH, Executive Director, Abramson Center For the Future of Health

"This cliff-hanger is a fun read for children eight through sixteen, alone, together with parents, or as part of curricula that may even include videogames."

—Eitan D. Schwarz, MD, FAACAP, DLFAPA Author of KIDS, PARENTS AND TECHNOLOGY: An Instruction Manual for Young Families

"A great story. Journey with Wings to discover that little things matter most, and everything and everyone interrelate."

—Tom Kraft, Director, Houston Technology Center

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