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Twenty-four-year-old art history student Thea Bennett makes two discoveries while studying in Paris. The first is that her Master of Arts degree won’t land her that researcher job in a museum she was hoping for. The second: all of the European men she’s been dating are jerks.

Then Thea meets a struggling young painter along the Seine—and everything changes. Thea sees her future, and Liam Drake finds his muse. It’s love, lust, and everything in between . . . until Thea discovers Liam in the arms of another woman. She splits for home in Houston, but a few weeks later learns that she’s pregnant. Thea returns to Paris in search of Liam, but he’s left without a trace.

A few years down the road, Thea is a single mom working in an art gallery. To save money, she and her five-year-old daughter, Alsace, live with Thea’s parents, who squabble over everything from food to money to what’s best for Alsace. To make ends meet, Thea is also a part-time art consultant to Gregor Gunner, a billionaire real estate developer with no taste in painting or women. At work, Thea battles a rival gallerist bent on stealing her best client.

And then Liam shows up—in the arms of Thea’s competition—and at the center of a conflict that threatens Thea, her job, and her family.

A frustrating semester in Paris.  A failed fling with an artist.

Now, a five-year-old child who doesn’t know her father.

Can Thea Bennett's life get any more screwed?